Jimmy Boyle

Jimmy Boyle is described in Dennis Smith's new book, "Report from Ground Zero" as "the most beloved man within the New York Fire Department Family". Few people would disagree with this statement. His personal integrity and his willingness to sacrifice have made his name legendary within the New York City Fire Department.

Jimmy's reputation for honesty as well as his magnetic personality are tools that helped him become President of the New York City firefighter's union not once, but twice. He was elected President of the 9,000-member union in both 1983 as well as 1990. Today he holds the position of director of operations at the Brooklyn District Attorney's office.

Despite having retired from the fire department, Jimmy walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on the morning of September 11th to assist with rescue operations. He reached the World Trade Center just as one of the towers collapsed, showering the street with debris and temporarily blinding him with dust. He used his hands to guide him along a nearby building and find a doorway. Jimmy would later learn that his son Michael, a fireman with Engine 33, had been killed in the line of duty.

Jimmy Boyle joined the New York City Fire Department on February 10th, 1962 and has remained dedicated to the fire service ever since. In addition to his many years of service to Engine C. 217, as well as the union, Jimmy served eight years as the associate director of the fire service institute at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he also established their fire cadet program. Not surprisingly, Jimmy continues to utilize his years of experience and personal contacts to assist the fire department and its members on a near daily basis with a wide-array of different projects.

In addition to Michael, Jimmy and his wife Jeanne are the proud parents of Barbara, James, Peter and Mary Lynch.