Lenticular Animation





What is Lenticular Animation ?



To create a lenticular  print, imagery is combined digitally and manipulated to give the illusion of receding or  projecting 3-Dimensional space, morphing, zooming, flipping and/or  animating. Next, a set of variations or frames are created from this source image. This set of frames is interlaced in thin vertical or horizontal lines using highly specialized software. The resulting image is printed, laminated and aligned to a special plastic material that is comprised of a series of parallel optical lens, or lenticulars. The lenticulars  appear as tiny ribs or bumps that run from edge to edge of the optical lens material. Each of the printed interlaced images are aligned with the plastic lenticulars so that the viewer can see only one frame at a time thus allowing the illusion of movement  and space.












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