Major General Johnny Grant

USO Ambassador of Goodwill

Johnny Grant President of the Los Angeles Fire Commission and Artist Randy Soard

  Grant’s career in radio and television has spanned seven decades, from his earliest work as a newscaster in Goldsboro, North Carolina, to his star-studded productions of the Hollywood Christmas Parade and hundreds of charity telecasts. Grant has been called "Hollywood’s most recognized spokesman" for his work as Chairman of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Selection Committee, as executive producer of the Hollywood Centennial Celebration, and as Hollywood’s Ambassador of Goodwill.

Johnny Grant is one of America's most enthusiastic, energetic and vocal supporters of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. His service to his country includes 15 trips to Korea and 14 gut-wrenching tours to combat bases throughout Vietnam... in all, a monumental 55 USO and personally-organized visits to bring laughter, encouragement and the spirit of America to GIs overseas.

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