Surviving  Families  &  Relatives 

James "Jimmy" Boyle, former President UFA (Ret) -
Father of  Fallen Firefighter  Michael Boyle - FDNY Engine 3
Retired FDNY Firefighter Lee Ielpi cradles the helmet found
near his fallen son son Jonathan, of Squad 288 on December 11, 2001
NYPD Detective Helen Pappageorge Sister of 
Fallen Firefighter James Pappageorge - FDNY Engine 23

  Carol Gies, Wife of Fallen Firefighter Ronnie Gies - FDNY Squad-288

and sons Bobby, Tommy and Ronnie John 

   Susan Rescorla with a photo of her husband Rick Rescorla    Rosalie Downey & son Joe

Freeport Fire Department, Freeport, New York

July  2003


Susan Rescorla - wife of Morgan Stanley's Chief of Security - Rick Rescorla
Voice of the Profit" - Documentary Video - Interview of Rick Rescorla
  Sally Regenhard  with photo of her son
Christian Regenhard of FDNY Ladder 131 
   Dee and Vincent Ragusa with a photo of their son
Michael Ragusa of FDNY Engine 279  
  Erica Haub and Donna Angelini  - FDNY Ladder 4 Survivors Widow Deena Burnett and the daughters of Hero Tom Burnett,  who has been credited with helping to lead the passenger revolt on United Flight 93 that kept the jet from hitting another target in Washington, D.C.
Margaret Ogonowski, the widow and daughters of American Airlines pilot John Ogonowski, stand together at a Memorial Service in Dracut, Mass. The family of American Airlines Flight Attendant, Betty Ann Ong, listen to her voice during the 9/11 Commission Hearing. Senator John McCain, Left, and Mark Bingham's mother, Alice Hoglan, at the Memorial Service held at the Wheeler Auditorium (Berkeley Campus) in honor of her son.





My name is Elise Guadalupe, widow of Firefighter Jose Guadalupe, Engine 54. Mr. Soard's work is amongst the most beautiful that I have seen in tribute to all our loved ones lost. Please support his work and forward this website to all your friends and family.



I consider your website a generous and compassionate endeavor to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price to save thousands of others and recognition and support to the surviving families who are living with the profound wound in their hearts for the tragic loss of their loved ones. I would also want your work to be officially recognized as a "Chef d'Oeuvre "part of the ever present and forever one tribute to the Heroes and Martyrs of the fatidic day of September 11,2001.

I salute you and may God bless you all

Gerard Jean-Baptiste Father of FF. Gerard Baptiste Baptiste Ladder 9



Dear Randy,

When you started this project I remember you called me and explained your intensions. We have given our permission to only 2 places for our son, Keith's photo to be used- you and the New York Times. when we received the poster proof, we were so amazed! It is so well done, so dignified and touching, truly the proper tribute to all members of service lost that day. You cannot imagine the people who called us in the months after 9/11 to "hawk" projects for profit. We are proud to have Keith on your poster, and bless you for caring enough to honor him.

Diane and Ken Fairben, Floral Park, NY



Thank you for the memory. My Husband, Larry Bowman a Security Officer for Summit Security, WTC South Tower will always be One of Our/My HEROES. Larry was almost successful in the rescue of the Police Officers and the Firefighters trapped between the doors that morning. He was on his way out of the building, but heard the call about the trapped firefighters and police officers. Larry climbed 8 flights of stairs while talking to me to let me know he was almost there. The last call to the dispatcher was from Larry. I heard him talking to the dispatcher, being on the cell phone at the time. It was also verified by Summit Security, the Company he worked for. To the families that knew their loved ones were the ones trapped in between the two doors, Larry tried, lost his life as well trying. My prayers are with you all. They are Missed Tremendously..... It's very difficult at times but we have to keep our heads up for our loved ones. That is what they would want from us to do. My mother always say to me WWLD (What Would Larry Do?) my answer, just what he did. God Bless You All....Blessings Upon You Always......

Linda L. Bowman (Larry's Wife Forever & Forever)


As the wife of one of the brave men on the poster, I can say truly how beautiful it is. More importantly the lovely sentiments that visitors to the site have expressed really made me feel good. I will never forget all the love a caring expressed for my family and myself and for all of our fallen heroes..........May Peace be with us all...



Your tribute is beautiful and very touching, tears came to my eyes when I saw my brother's picture and our family friend Lt. Robert Regan, as well as to know my fellow firefighter in the Floral Park Fire Department, Lt. Keith Fairben also a Paramedic with N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital will soon be added to the poster, Great Job, you should be very proud.

Robert Kloepfer Chief of Department Floral Park Fire Department



I thought the website brought great honor to the men who died for what they believed in....saving the lives of others. .........

Valerie Vastano sister of Fallen Firefighter Thomas Gambino Jr., Rescue 3



Words can't express how touched I am. This artwork is great. Thank you so much. My brother was killed on 911 his name was Captain Timothy Stackpole FDNY.

Patricia Stackpole


Thank you very much for your time and efforts. I truly appreciate your hard work.

Bob Howard - brother of George Howard - PAPD


Dear Randy,

That is a great job that you did. It's nice to see people are still remembering. My brother George is a Port Authority Police Officer who was killed 9/11. I can spot his picture right away by the blue helmet he has on. Your artwork re-instills a notion that still gives a little relief...that he is not alone and neither is anyone else in that picture. Everyone has friends when they're alive here on earth. It's soothing to know he's still surrounded by them where he is...very nicely done....

Pat Howard




I viewed this site after our telephone conversation - wow! My cousin was a NYC fire captain that lost his life on 911, a day none of us will ever forget. It touches me so deeply that you have dedicated so much time and effort to use your talent to help the families of the victims. This is a beautiful tribute that will help keep the memories of those we love and lost alive forever and I thank you for that!



I lost my brother FF George C. Cain, from Ladder 7 on that awful day. Your tribute with all the FDNY and NYPD men and women together, gets to the heart of what they were doing there that day. Working together to help rescue the other innocent victims of the terrorist. While my brother and all the others, did not make it out that day, they are together for eternity in Heaven above. It is fitting that they should be depicted together for historical purposes. Thanks for bringing this beautiful piece of art to the attention of the world. May they never be forgotten! 

Nancy K. Nee


Thank you for this beautiful tribute. I think it would be most fitting to be part of the memorial at ground zero.

Frances Blackwell mother of Christopher Blackwell, Firefighter Rescue 3 MIA 9-11-01



I am the sister-in-law of Kat3075 my husband was lost at the WTC, he was a firefighter. if your proceeds are really going to the families what you are doing is a wonderful thing. I wish I had time to do some wonderful projects such as this one. Our husbands faces should always be remembered.


Dear Randy,

 I would like to thank you for your dedication and gift of your talents to help and keep the memories of our lost loved ones alive. You should be proud of yourself because all your effort is well worth it. You may not think or hear from the many families. But it does mean the world to us in knowing that people such as yourself, can take on such a monumental task. It brings us comfort in knowing that our Heroes will never be forgotten. You are for sure one of the good guys !!!.May God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.

Mark S. Macari



One of the most touching tributes to our fallen brothers that I have seen. What A beautiful way to keep them in our hearts. Today, tomorrow, and forever, we will NEVER forget.

Gerald Embrey, Firefighter/Paramedic, Madisonville, Kentucky



As a Firefighter of 21 yrs (Both Vol. & Career) along with a Family Tradition of Firefighters & Police within my family, I am a 4th generation Firefighter. This Photo has brought tears to my eyes!! The whole event of that horrible day, We shall NEVER forget. The original photo of the 3 Firefighters raising the flag has serious meaning behind it, then for you & your GREAT artistic values & skills to add the rest of our Brethren Firefighters/EMS/Police has added more SERIOUS meaning. Please continue the wonderful work you are doing. Right now, I am at a total loss any more words except for "Thank you" My rescue helmet is tipped in your direction.


Dave Lightner EMT/FF








Dear Randy,

Thank you so much for sharing your site with me. This is so beautiful. When I saw your email this morning I had to cry, see, I am not a firefighter or a police woman, I am not even American, but I love your country so much and my heart still hurts because of what happened 9-11. I was always wondering what angels really look like, now I know by looking at your artwork. Because everyone that risks and gives his life for someone they don't even know, must be an angel. I feel honored to be able to order this picture, and proud to show it to everybody I know here in Germany. Wonderful work Randy!!

Irene Pols Germany



We lost our son on 2/23/01. He was Ptl. Michael Nickerson, Michael was shot and killed in the line of duty in response to a routine noise compliant. There was a memorial site established for him, this site has brought us great comfort, as we are able to read the messages people send. I believe it has also brought to his many friends a comfort as well. The site you have created is a wonderful site, you should know that you have given a outlet to many who have messages to send.

Thank You

Joe and Sue Nickerson




My family founded New Amsterdam...Jesse DeForest and the Walloons.  See the plaque in Battery Park.  Therefore, New York will always be with me and my family through the generations.  I want to say that Chief Jack Fanning and Chief Ray Downey of FDNY are two of the finest people I have ever known.  Jack and Ray, your many dear friends in the military miss you terribly and we will never forget your service to our nation as well as the great people of New York City.  And we will never forget that you were good friends and brothers.  And we are thankful that many of our other close friends in FDNY were spared although many of your brothers were not. We had a large conference in Washington, DC, yesterday and today and we talked about your legacy and our friendship and camaraderie.  We talked about your wives and your children.  So did Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania.  So did current and former fire chiefs from around the country.  We are one team.  We are one nation.  We are one family.  And we will never shrink from our duty to protect our freedom and the unique American way of life.  God Bless New York and God Bless America.

MAJ. Gregory M. Martin
Washington, DC


Dear Randy,

As a "retired" volunteer fire chief, I must commend you on your work of art! After viewing Can't Cry Hard Enough, this is perhaps the definite reach into the souls of firefighters. Your choice of Amazing Grace brought back sad, yet bittersweet memories when we lost two of our twin cities finest during the blizzard of 1993. Your choice of NYFD's Father Judge on the more to see is perhaps the greatest achievement in your poster-under the flag and by the firefighter's he loved so dearly, and died as well as the others so gallantly. Thank you for touching my soul again-i want to forget, but can never forget. As I tell my wife, once a firefighter, always a firefighter. Either male o! r female, volunteer or paid, it does not matter-the loss of one makes us cry-the loss of so many on Sept. 11th perhaps took a piece of us all and died with them. Thank you for your efforts-have forwarded your new site to many firefighting friends. Thank you for remembering our fallen brothers and sisters-I lost friends that tragic day, but hope and pray that they have found peace in their new world as we constantly struggle with the reality of final wish, I embrace and someday see you again! Great work-thank you from a "veteran" of twenty plus years.

Past Fire Chief, John David Marko, Goodwill Vol. Hose Co., West Pittston, Pa.



Great Site. I will visit again.

Michael P. Wutz Williamsville, N.Y. Fire Dept Director Firemen's Association State Of New York Visit


Dear Randy,

I am a Police Officer in Barnstable Massachusetts. I want to thank you for honoring the US Military, Fire Fighters, Police Officers and many other brave Americans, as well as those international guests of our nation, that lost their lives on that fateful day of September 11,2001. I will never forget that day, as long as I live. I have never been so overwhelmed by a single event in my entire life. I pray in my heart that these people did not suffer. I know that these feelings come from the deep sense of humanity that I have and hold for all people. I only wish that all people could share this feeling. There would be a lot less hate in the world. My message to all those who do not understand the greatness of our country is, "we are a country founded on the principle that all men are created equal, just as our forefathers wrote." Our greatness is in our differences, not our similarities. We are a country that brings many resources to the table, from many different cultures, a country of all countries. We welcome everybody! We must not forget where we came from. That is what I believe makes us such a great nation. It is what makes me so proud to be an American. Thank you Randy, for what you did here for all Americans, and how you have paid tribute to all of the Military people, Firefighters, Police Officers and innocent civilian victims of September 11, 2001. This reminds me of why I became a Police Officer in the first place. My mission in public safety is to do just that, make the public safe, no matter who they are. Thanks for making me feel good about what I do.

With Sincere Gratitude

Kevin Donovan - Patrolman

Barnstable MA Police Department.

 1200 Phinney's Lane

Hyannis, MA 02601








I am the President of the Northern California Chapter of COPS. I am a survivor as well as an active law enforcement officer. I want to say thank you for the beautiful artwork that you have created. My 4 yr old son was a witness to the tragic acts via the television and he himself is a proud survivor of his father. He wants to be a fireman, policeman, and ambulance driver when he grows up. He is so small but yet so smart. This artwork will honorably be added to his collection that he watches over with admiration and respect. Thanks again for a fine job!


Tammy Monego (EOW: 12/12/98)





This is just wonderful.


FDNY Hon. Deputy Chief Laurent Frydlender Paris - France





The John Ginley Family

FDNY Engine 40


The Paul John Gill Family

FDNY Engine 54


The Raymond M. Downey Sr. Family

FDNY Special Operations

The Michael Mullan Family

FDNY  Ladder 12


The Sean Patrick Tallon Family

FDNY  Ladder 10

The Michael Kiefer Family

FDNY  Ladder 132